Steve Webb Bio 

Born on a late summer day in September 1964 in Winnipeg.  Growing up in the coldest major city in the world has the right climate to study "magic".  Long cold winter nights were occupied by the fierce desire to study and learn the science and art of magic.  This regional cultural phenomenom is also responsible for cultivating the talents of Doug Henning, Monty Hall, Guess Who, Neil Young, Crash Test Dummies and David Steinberg, to name a few.

At the age of 12, Steve's new hobby was well developing and blooming with unmeasurable enzthusiasm.  Before his 13th birthday he had his first paid performance under his belt and soon more followed.  By the time Steve was in High School the magic business was a part time industry.

By the time Steve was eighteen and ready for university, he had developed an active career in the field of magic.  Steve was fortunate to have the opportunity and experience to finance his way through university performing as a magician.  He was able to apply his versatile performance style, whether it was on local television programs, at schools, nightclubs, or at children's birthday parties.  One common theme arose.........."everyone had a good time".

Throughout the 80s, 90s and now in the new millenium, Steve has continued to add a varied of experiences.  These include: Canada's first dual inverted strait jacket escape (both indoor and outdoor), festivals, trade shows, magic instructor, cruise ships, cross country tours and performing with such celebrities as Alan Thicke and Carol Baker.  This has now amounted to over 2700 live performaces during his career.

Steve continues to build and grow his library of magic. Researching and collecting magic equipment has been his passion since the age of twelve. The collection has exceeded 400 magic effects.  Sometimes the most difficult thing for Steve is choosing the magic effects for each show.  This does allow multiple shows and of course new routines for the public to enjoy.

Magic, comedy and many surprises is Steve's recipe for fun!

"Over the last eighteen years I have grown to call the west coast home. When I am away I miss it and look forward to my return. Go figure from a transplanted Winnipegger?  " - Steve Webb